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About Us

Smarter Languages Academy (S.L.A) was established to bridge the gap in communication and to promote bilingual education in Nigeria especially amongst Children. We strongly believe that bilingual education is essential in today's world and will continue to be in the future.

Smarter Languages Academy (S.L.A) prepares students nationwide to acquire a new language.


We offer you a welcoming community which makes us stand out.

Our multilingual school is situated in Abuja, Nigeria.

We offer fun and exciting learning experience as one of the leading Language Schools.

Our programs range from Language classes for kids, teenagers and adults to Translation and interpreting services.


Smarter Languages Academy "A Refreshing Approach To Languages"


Mission Statement

To achieve academic excellence and inter-cultural competence through Language Education



1.To raise a generation bilingually empowered.

2. To be a leader in the field of Language Education by offering high quality Language and training programs.

3. To become a model of students acquiring superior second language skills as the basis for high overall academic achievement.

4. To develop the knowledge and skills in students necessary to be productive and valued citizens in a culturally diverse, global economy.

5. To offer both our Teachers and students a welcoming community.

6. To prepare all students to be academically successful in their choice of secondary and post secondary education options.

7.To create an innovative school that can be replicated in Abuja and nationally.


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